Photography Tours of Mosul, Iraq: Cultural Street Photography Trip

Example photo from our photography tours. Man with sunglasses sits against a wall filled with graffiti staring at his phone.

Guided Street Photography Tours and Photography Holidays in Mosul, Iraq

Capture beautiful images and experience new cultures on a guided photography trip to Mosul, Iraq.  Whether you’re a professional photographer, or you’re just getting started, our photography tours are relaxed and designed to introduce you to the best locations for landscape and street photography in Mosul.

From the bustling markets to the intriguing ruins, you’ll take in all the sights that capture the vibrant spirit of this ancient city, and weave them together to tell its story.

Come, experience the generosity and hospitality of the Moslawis (local people). Discover their resilience and feel the expectant hope for the future, all while honing your photography skills.

“My time in Mosul was so good! I felt very safe and welcomed by the community. Many taxi drivers and business owners were also welcoming and helpful with anything we needed. It was great to learn about the history of the city and what’s happening now from the locals.”

Kendra – Mosul trip 2023

Local Expertise

Trees & Roots photography tours grant you full access to our experience and knowledge of the inner workings of Iraq. This includes knowledge of protocols and clearance through all security checkpoints, guidance on the visa process, city orientation, high-quality accommodation, and connection with local photographers.

When needed, we will also use local guides to provide additional logistical support and cultural insights on our sightseeing tours.  

Photography tour photo depicting a busy street in Mosul, Iraq. A group of people walking toward the camera and a truck driving away with a bright orange setting sun in the background.

“Foreigners are very few, but very welcomed. People may ask you for a photo to show their friends and family at home. People will be eager to talk to you. Crime rate is very low and you do feel very safe. I would be happy to travel around by myself.
The local people are curious and grateful for your presence, as this signifies a forward step to return to the city’s former glory. They are true to the Arab hospitality. If you’re lucky, you might get invited into their homes for some Iraqi tea/ coffee.
This trip was a life-changing experience, especially if you’ve never seen a post war torn country. You will enjoy listening to the mix of Arabic ( Iraqi and Moslawi dialect) and Kurdish. You will enjoy the local hospitality.”

Amanda – Mosul trip 2022
Photography trip photo of the guide showing 2 men a photo he took of them on the last group tour.

Small Groups

Small groups provide better flexibility, easier transportation, and personal attention. We run our Mosul photography trips with groups of 3 to 8 people. These groups are also the perfect size to make friends with likeminded travelers. Your guide will take the group through the best spots in Mosul for raw street photos and breathtaking landscapes. 

“Folks in Mosul, east and west, were very friendly and pleased to see visitors to their city. 5 students drove me for a meal in the traditional souk, within 10 minutes of meeting them.”

Colin – Mosul trip 2022

Your Guide

Des Clark worked in Iraq for a humanitarian NGO when ISIS controlled much of the country, including the second largest city in Iraq, Mosul.  

“I drove around the city just after the fighting finished in July 2017, when there were virtually no other cars on the road – hard to believe now! Since then, I’ve visited the country many times, and especially the city of Mosul which continues to hold a special place for me.”

For 16 years Des ran mountaineering company guiding trips in the South American Andes, European Alps, Moroccan Atlas and beyond. Check out more of Des’s photography work on his website.

Photo of Des Clark, the guide for your photography tour.

“Each stone holds a story as you meander through a maze of entwining paths and rubble, where tears have been shed, blood spilled, lives lost and despair felt.
Where courage and tenacity pushed through, to see hope arise, in the sound of children’s laughter.
The hustle and bustle of of the crowded market place, where produce is being elevated through friendly rivalry banter. A picture of men sitting sipping coffee and smoke wafting around their heads.
A woman has touched your arm and a connection has been made, as you find yourself at the heart of a family, sharing a meal.
Time stands still as soul meets soul, barriers of language/culture are dispelled, Iraq calls at my heart.”

Gracie – Mosul trip 2023


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Package Details

  • 7 nights in a B&B 3-star hotel accommodation. Twin room sharing (for a private room add €200).
  • 2 dinners (First day and last day).
  • Private group transport from Baghdad airport to Mosul on arrival.
  • Private group transport from Mosul to Erbil airport at the end of our stay
  • Private transport to and from Sulaymaniyah (for 2 – 9 March 2024 trip).
  • City orientation and keynote presentation by Des Clark.
  • Local guides, where required, for logistical assistance and cultural insights.
  • Private presentations by local photographers.
  • Daily photo walks.
  • Private group transport to destinations outside of walking distance.
  • Guidance on visa process.
  • Clearance through all security checkpoints.
  • Pre-trip Zoom meeting for introduction and orientation.


  • International flights to Baghdad / from Erbil.
  • Iraqi visa fees ($77 USD).
  • All lunches.
  • Dinners other than the first and last days.
  • Travel / medical insurance (mandatory).


  • Private room accommodations, + €200

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